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Conscensia Ukraine Ltd. 

Conscensia was founded in 2006 as a spinoff from the Danish software development company Celenia Software. Since 2000, Celenia has established its name as the largest outsourcing partner within Microsoft Dynamics and received recognition as one of the most serious outsourcing partners on the market. Along with this recognition many clients requested to employ Celenia’s successful development concepts into their general development projects like .NET and Java.

As a result hereof it was decided to keep Celenia focused on being unrivalled in the MS Dynamics AX/NAV/CRM field while crystallizing the experience and knowledge on how to do successful outsourcing into a brand new company – Conscensia was born…

The name CONSCENSIA finds its roots in the Latin words for consensus and conscience, as we have discovered that these two terms are the founding pillars of a successful outsourcing experience. We recognize that trust is central for any kind of relationship between two parties and trust is built on mutual understanding and awareness of the other party.

While traditional outsourcing focuses on moving a process – like software development – out to an external partner, we feel that it is much more beneficial to bring the external partner nearer to the shore, not only mentally but also geographically which is why we have located our development center in Europe itself; we will always be just a few hours away…

Conscensia is dedicated to bring innovative and value adding solutions to its clients through continuous evolution and optimization of software development and delivery methods.
Behind the company is a strong group of committed persons each with years of extensive experience with outsourcing in its many forms, and a desire to not only define, but re-invent the framework and concepts of outsourcing.

Together we are both pioneers and seasoned practitioners of the concept we call Nearshore Development.

In clear words it simply means that we do business through consensus while having a clear conscience in our relations, both to clients, colleagues and society.